Monday, March 21, 2011

Challenge #57~Inspiration

Morning everyone! I'm still pretty tired today so if I make some mistakes...please forgive me! I have been having a horrible time sleeping lately and I'm dragging a bit this's now noon here in Germany.

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Challenge #57

I have a photo here for you all to look at! If you are anything like me you live for summer. I honestly LIVE for SUMMER! And if I could afford it, I'd live in a house on the beach. I have been in Germany for 4 1/2 years and have not seen the beach in that many years and let me just's KILLING ME!!! We finally are leaving and making our way to N.C. and my first trip is going to be to my 2nd favorite beach...Myrtle Beach!!! Sooooo....this photo is suppose to inspire you! Showe me how it inspires you....the colors, the scene, the thoughts of laying on a tropical beach....however it inspires you let me see it through your creation!!!

Now on to how this photo inspired our DT:

I love this totally reminds me of the beautiful waves at the beach.
Softpecil image was used.

Kelly:'s pretty easy to see the inspiration here...I just love that map all colored in! And we can't miss little Riley sitting off to the side of the card ;-)

Okay, I don't like to claim favorites but I can't help it today..........look at this lush paper and colors....ahhhhh....I swear I'm sitting at the beach looking out at that clear blue water right now. I mean the image itself has nothing to do with the picture but that's fine this is why I say you can let the picture inspire you in any way....for this one I can see it's the colors that inspired's those colors and that'm in love!

Okay, this is a really adorable image and I loe that circle die cut and those colors go great for this challenge.

Isn't that flower soooo pretty?! And that pretty green paper and the glittery it!

Such a tropical look to this...I feel like I'm in Hawaii when I look at this card. Even the DP reminds me of that.

Don't you just love to see how one picture can be "seen" by 6 different people?! I can't wait to see what all of you come up with!
Have a great week and no matter where you are...let this picture take you some place warm...even just for a few minutes!!!


Anne said...

This is a beautiful picture.. I don't know if I am going to get anything done, I just want to stare at this photo all day.. great inspiration.. -anne-

Theresa's Studio said...

Great challenge....cannot believe I'm the first! Thanks for the inspiration.

Dawn Frost said...

Beautiful picture all blue and serene! Fantastic inspiration from the DT, thanks for a great challenge.